Installation Services

Thor's Hammer provides installation services for a broad range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. From private homes, business fronts, and malls, to industrial treatment plants and refineries, TH Inc has the ability to tackle builds of many different sizes and scopes.

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Repair / Remodel

Redesigning your house? Upgrading an electrical service? Moving into a new office space? Our electricians have years in the industry and are ready to handle your job. Our experts will provide support for job-specific solutions that are tailored to your unique style.

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Design and Estimation

Thor's Hammer Inc can provide insight on design and development of new and existing projects from the planning table to final inspection. We work alongside businesses and general contractors to meet facility needs while adhering to industry standards and local codes.

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Thor's Hammer Philosophy


Whether we realize it or not, electricity plays a huge part in all of our lives. From charging our smartphones, lighting our homes and businesses, or powering the tools that we use every day, we rely on electricity to fuel modern life.

The professionals at Thor's Hammer understand the importance of delivering the power you need quickly and safely by following industry best-practices and working alongside builders to make sure projects are completed on time.


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